best bank account for matched betting

When choosing a bank account to use for matched betting there are some key features to look for.

1. The bank account should be a 100% FREE basic or current account.

2. It should give you a FREE visa card that will enable you to make fast deposits and withdrawals back to bank

3. Should have an online app that enables you to check balance at all times

Here are a few of the accounts you could choose:

Santander, Nationwide flex account, Starling or Monzo.

It doesnt matter much what account you end up going for the key is just to seperate your day to day spending from your matched betting funds.


It makes it that much easier to keep track of your profit. If you originally fund the account with 10 ( bare minimum to get started matched betting ) or 100 or any other amount, thats your starting bank.

You can then easily calculate your current profit by looking at the amount you have in your betting accounts + bank and subtract your starting balance. That number will be your profit.

So lets say you use our service here at matched betting tutor. We often work with people with limited budgets and we promote our offer as start with £10 and turn that into £500 plus! (easy to do but naturally takes a bit longer than starting with 100 or 200)

If you fund your newly set up matched betting bank account with 10, and 2 weeks later you have 140 in bank, 50 in betfair and 20 in WH, its fairly simple to calculate your profit.

Your profit will be 140+50+20 = 210 - your starting bank of 10 = 200 net profit. If you use the account for anything else whether it be bills or withdrawals it complicates the keeping track aspect.


One key point that you should know is that allthough it might sound tempting to use a ewallet like paypal for your matched betting that can be costly. The reason being that 95%+ of all welcome offers has a restriction placed on using ewallets. That usually will disqualify you from any freebets.

Bottom Line: There is no best bank account for matched betting. Just pick one that satisfy the criteria namely free, has visa and online statement. I do like starling but thats just my personal preferance. If you want to get started with matched betting and want our help to earn as much as you can as quick as you can, feel free to enter your name and email or use the chat feature at the bottom.