Profit example step 1:

The first 2 offers I normally do with my customers are the ones with the lowest possible required deposit. That is currently:

coral who offers 4 freebets x £5 for a £5 deposit and Skybet who offers 3 x £10 in freebets for a £5 deposit. Below you will see screenshots showing how I helped a previous client turn the original £10 (£5+£5) into 33 risk free on day 1 of matched betting.

Step 1: To qualify for freebets we must make a £5 real money bet. As you can see from the screenshots below I found a darts game. The game has only 2 possible outcomes as 1 player HAS to win. This game was between Reece Colley and Nick Fullwell. As you can see from the bet receipts below, we bet on Reece Colley at sky and Nick Fullwell at coral.

And, as you can see from the potential payouts, if Reece wins we get 10 at sky and if Nick wins we get 8.64 at coral. But more important, we get the £20 in freebets at coral and £30 in freebets at sky that we use to make money with. As it so happened Nick Fullwell won this game and the bet settled a winner for 8.64 at coral meaning that my customer was temporarily down £1.36 on her investment.

Right after the darts game ended, the freebets were issued at sky /coral and we went on to place the following bets:

We found the champions league game between Ajax and dortmund and we made bets using the freebets given by sky/coral to ensure that no matter what happened in that game the customer would end up winning.

here are the bets we made as you can see from the bet receipts below:

1. at skybet we bet on draw for a potential payout of £27.50 (for 1 of the 3 £10 freebets)

2. at skybet again we bet on dortmund to win for a payout of 20 ( for both of the remaining £10 freebets. Which meant that if the game ended draw the customer would get 2 x20 payout =£40

3. at coral we used all of the customers 4 x £5 freebets on ajax to win.

So, before the game our possible outcomes were:

a) if Dortmund won, there would be a payout of £40 at sky

b) if draw there would have been a payout of £27.50 at sky

c) if Ajax won there would be a payout of of £25 (4 freebets x 6.25 payout =25)

It just so happened that Dortmund got a player sent off and Ajax ended up with some late goals to win the game.

That meant that the customer got £25 from here freebets from coral + her 8.64 from the darts game for a total of £33.64

With a bit more luck she could have ended up with £50 from her £10 investment if the other person won the darts game and if the ajax dortmund game ended draw.

But the bottom line is:

The bets were risk free and the customer was guaranteed to win. And this is basically how matched betting works. You cover all possible outcomes and you bet for the most part with freebets given by the bookmakers to new customers.

There is no skill involved at all and you do not need to know darts or football or any other sports. At matched betting tutor we walk you through live via chat on the website where to sign up and what bets to make.

If you are interested in earning £500++ from this service or just want more information please contact us at the email below. There is no upfront payment and you only pay us when you have made a certain amount!